Vietnamese pomelo and prawn salad



This year, I’ve resolved to cook more often. This used to be a food blog yknow. =)
Anyway, today, I made dinner for the family. Thai-grilled chicken from Chubby Hubby , paired with a Vietnamese pomelo & prawn salad, served with lobster crackers.

For the salad, I used coriander leaves (cut off the roots), pomelo and prawns that had been peeled, deveined and boiled. The sauce for the salad was the typical Vietnamese combination of 1 cup water, 1 cup fish sauce, 1 cup vinegar and 1 cup sugar. Dissolve the sugar in the (warm) water, then add the rest. Chill everything, including all parts of the salad. Then, when ready to serve, combine everything, liberally spooning the sauce over. You’ll have plenty of sauce left for future salads.

For dessert, I made use of my Christmas gift, an ice cream maker, to make kumquat ice cream. I absolutely loved it but forgot to take a picture! So I’ll post about it when I next get round to taking a pic.

Here’s to a more culinary new year!

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